A 6 billion Bill?

In condominium buildings, about 300,000 rising columns of electricity must be changed. ERDF is threatening to cut the power to the recalcitrant. But who should pay?

The Bill could be shared by all the French.

History is not yesterday. In Paris, the alarm was pulled from August 2012! "116 years of work on the electric column", headlined Le Parisien at the time. In 2015, the problem is still topical. Not less than 1,5 million of risers of electricity are currently in service in this country and distribute electricity to all the inhabitants of a building. Problem: 300,000 of them should be changed. A column of five is more standards, especially in the Paris region, and in some major cities.

The risk of fire is high. Reason enough to keep an eye on the rising columns of power to your building. The national Ombudsman of the energy and the defender of rights are the sounding alarm, reported RTL this morning. ERDF, the network manager, threatening even the co-owners of the power if they do not need to change the riser of their building!

75,000 euros to work for a condominium

Why is this case dragging? Because work turn out to be very expensive! The Bill can climb up to 75,000 euros for a single condominium. The amount has nothing to fear of many owners who don't want to (or cannot) afford. And above all, the situation is facing a legal limbo. Who must pay? ERDF refuses, stating that change all of the obsolete columns would be his to… 6 billion euros! On their side, the co-owners and the Trustees feel that's not them either to pay.

The mystery remains. At this point the energy Ombudsman was seized. Proposing? To create a new tax on our electricity bill to pay six billion. All French would thus have to repay. This option is supported by the rights defender who offers his side another alternative: create a tripartite Fund, where Manager ERDF, the co-owners and the communities would share the Bill. Segolene Royal, the Minister of energy is expected to decide in the next three months.

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