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electricien montpellier depannage electrique montpellier photovoltaique montpellier eolien montpellierGeneral Electricity

I realize your electrical work in new or renovated residential or commercial building within 25 kilometers of Montpellier (34000 Hérault). I take care of your electrical systems and facilities for all work according to the NF C 15-100, RT 2012 and XP C16-600 standards. I am also with you in case of need of compliance of buildings and commercial premises.


depannage.probleme.electrique.electricien.dypelecNetwork, Automation and Security

I step in the installation of electrical outlets or lighting circuits (economic, LED), electric hob, intercoms, doors and gates openers. I take care of the complete electrical network installation for home, replacement of old electrical panels, controls preparation or lifting of the security organization reserves (CONSUEL, APAVE etc.). I am also in the implementation of security intrusion and fire safety.

I manage the communication network installation VDI (Voice Data Image), home automation controls (and KNX) smart home like lighting management, programmable energy management in time and / or by heating area (by soil, convectors, radiant panels, inertial panels, etc.), simple or reversible air conditioning, shutters management, alarms, audio and video gatekeepers, gateways, multi-sound system.

 Coaching Electrical DIY

You know tinkering but do not want to take any risks by manipulating electricity at home … You’re right, it’s dangerous and it’s a job!

However, there are delicate tasks (temporary closing of any current, securing, connections of equipment, up to standard protective electric board ….), other tasks, such as purchasing equipment, circulation new cables not yet electrified, etc … can be done by yourself if you are feeling daring.

However, I draw your attention to the fact that the establishment or passage of some drivers sometimes requires time and a lot of courage (especially in case of laying recessed)!

That’s why I’ll be there for you throughout the process and will validate on site every stage of your project so that the work is done within the rules of art. I also answer the phone in case of doubt between visits. So save all of your invoice, you will be more proud!

Example: total electrical renovation project + low current system creation (TV, telephone, Internet and RJ45 connection in every room) of a house of 150 m2, the average execution of an electrician will be about 10 000 €, as detailed in the following table.
Electrician Coaching
Equipment 3000 € 3000 €
Hand Work 7000 € as follows:
– stages validation 3000 €
– connecting (500 €)
– 2 boards creation (elec. + com.) (1500 €)
Total :  10000 € 5500 €
Profit = 4000 €

This example is given for guidance course. I’ll do you both proposals if desired after free study of your project. Please note the “Do It Yourself” has its limits in electricity!

It’s a trend: people are investing more and more time and money in their homes, either to beautify, develop it or renovate it. But the work is expensive. To cut spending, many are getting themselves into the adventure of self-construction, with more or less success depending on their technical background. With this in mind, we bring you our help, knowledge and support so that the end result is up to your expectations

Custom quote on the Montpellier region

Contact me for an electrician handworker estimate on the Montpellier region, for the electrical installation, troubleshooting or repair electrical, or by phone at +336 70 26 30 84 or by email at contact@dypelec.com or by the Contact form.


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