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electricite montpellier electricien montpellier depannage electrique montpellierPersonal computer failure, network problem (WiFi, Ethernet, PLC), faulty Internet connection, PC with GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows © OS to purchase, sites creation (with or CMS), setting up backup on personal server (NAS, RAID) … dYpElec is at your side to help you better in understanding the computer world.

I always liked the computer tool since the age of 11 years being in classroom with the ZX81 and at 14 years old when my parents offered me a Oric Atmos. I have always been fascinated by the ability of these machines. With perseverance, I started my first programs in BASIC for Hebdogiciel newspaper.

I then continued my studies in a different field while continuing to repair computers or clean Windows PC viruses for friends and friends’ friends. 2001, I returned to the computer and I learnt Webmaster Multimedia Editor at ACFA Montpellier where I discovered – thanks to a Linux Guru – The GNU/Linux system and network.

I was then hired as a network technician and webmaster for society Genopti Marseille for 2 years. I returned to the Montpellier area and I made my electrician training for tertiary and residential continuing computer maintenance.

I then moved on the Carcassonne area (in Montreal Malepère) for 6 years and I continued computer maintenance in addition to the activity of photovoltaic and wind electrician. I’ve also participated in (now DFLinux) adventure that began in Montreal.


So, I put 20 years of computer experience at the service of the proper functioning of your PC computers (I do not do with Apple) with OS GNU/Linux or Microsoft Windows © on or off network.



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