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General Terms & Conditions

Except as otherwise specified in the quotation, these General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to all sales and services performed by dYpElec. By signing this document or any other document referring to it, the customer unreservedly accepts the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and waives all applications of its General Terms and Conditions of Purchase.

1. Ordering & Payment

The reservation of our services quoted on a quote will be considered effective and processed upon receipt of this quote signed by the customer, accompanied for all services of an amount greater than or equal to 100 € TTC unless otherwise stated on the estimate of a down payment Of 30% of the amount on order, an advance payment may be requested in addition in course of performance upon agreement of the parties. Written or verbal confirmations or reservations are not considered as final commitments. For all business customers, an invoice will be required. For individual customers, an invoice will be delivered either by the provider’s own initiative or at the request of the customer. A note drawn up in duplicate will be given to the customer for any service of at least 25 € TTC.

Payment will be made upon receipt of the invoice:
– either in cash
– by bank or postal check
– or by transfer.
In case of payment by bank check, it must be issued by a bank domiciled in metropolitan France. The cashing of the check is made upon receipt of the check. The check will be made payable to Yaën Pujol – dYpElec.

For municipalities and public authorities, an order form or sealed service order signed by the Mayor or his representative will be requested. Payment is made by bank transfer upon receipt of the invoice (RIB attached).

Payment must be made as indicated on the invoice, unless otherwise stated. In the absence of any provision, the payment must be made no later than the 30th day following the date of receipt of the goods or service (Article L. 144-6 of the Commercial Code). For late payment, see the section Delay Penalties.

We reserve the right to make any changes in rates and without notice that we deem appropriate. The hourly rate is the minimum that can be claimed for all services other than relamping.

The travel for all interventions or specifications in Montpellier (34) and within a radius of 25 kms around Pignan are free. Transfers beyond 25 kms will be invoiced on a flat-rate basis according to the price schedule.

The workforce is increased by:
– 50% from 00h to 8h and from 19h to 24h from Monday to Saturday,
– 100% on Sunday and public holidays.

Delay penalties: for any late payment, a delay penalty will be applied corresponding to the REFI rate set by the European Central Bank (ECB) plus 7 points.

Penalties are payable without any recall. They are automatically valid on the day following the settlement date shown on the invoice or, failing this, on the thirty-first day following the date of receipt of the goods or the performance of the service.

Discount conditions: no discount will be given to a buyer in case of advance payment.

2. Allocation of Powers

For any disputes concerning the realization of the dYpElec company and the application or interpretation of these General Conditions of Sale, only the Court of Montpellier will be responsible (34).

3. Major Force

The company dYpElec is not responsible in particular in the event of fires, floods, interruption of the supply of energy, raw material or spare parts, as well as total or partial strikes of any kind hindering the smooth running of the “ Such as transport strikes or postal services. The occurrence of an event of force majeure has the effect of suspending the performance of the contractual obligations of the company.

On the other hand, the company reserves the right not to intervene or to delay its performance if these conditions are not respected or in case of congestion of the places of intervention. The displacement remains due.

4. Retention of Title

The company dYpElec expressly reserves the ownership of the goods and supplies delivered until full payment of their price in principal and interest.

The goods and supplies will remain the property of the dYpElec company until full payment of their price, but the buyer will be responsible for it as soon as they are handed over, transferring possession resulting in the transfer of the risks. The purchaser therefore undertakes to subscribe upon acceptance of this document, an insurance contract guaranteeing the risks of loss, theft or destruction of the goods and supplies designated.

5. Product Compliance

All equipment used by dYpElec is NF certified. The product with a recognized defect of conformity, reported within fifteen clear days, is replaced or restored to the condition, with the exception of any compensation whatsoever . In any event, the customer benefits from the provisions of the legal guarantee, in particular those relating to the guarantee of hidden defects. The installation of equipment provided by the customer at his request causes cancellation of all recourse and guarantees of the service.

6. Satisfied or Refunded

Except in special or legal cases, the customer has fifteen days from receipt of the goods or performance of the service to report any problem or hidden defects on the installed products. The costs of operation and communication are then borne by it. Only the price of the replaced product (s) will be refunded. Products damaged, damaged or soiled by the customer are not taken back

7. Reimbursement

Reimbursements of products in the above-mentioned assumptions will be made within a period of 15 days or less. The refund will be made either by credit to a bank account or by bank or postal check sent to the name of the customer who placed the order and to the billing address. No cash on delivery will be accepted for any reason.

8. Customer Service

For any information or question concerning these General Conditions of Sales, contact us by mail:
Yaën Pujol – dYpElec
Impasse des garrigues
34570 Pignan

9. Working Area

dYpElec intervenes on the following zone with a travel package of 20 €, for any outside zone, a fixed rate will be applied : Montpellier (34000), Saint-Jean-de-Védas (34430), Juvignac (34990), Saint-Georges-d’Orques (34680), Lavérune (34880), Saussan (34570), Pignan (34570), Murviel-les-Montpellier (34570), Montarnaud(34570), Cournonterral (34660), Cournonsec (34660), Montbazin (34560) Poussan (34560), Gigean (34770), Villeveyrac (34560), Balaruc (34540), Frontignan (34110), Vic-la-Gardiole (34110), Mireval (34110), Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone (34750), Palavas (34250), Carnon-Plage (34280), Mauguio (34280), Pérols (34470), Lattes (34970), Saint-Aunès (34130), Le Crès (34920), Castelnau-le-Lez (34170), Clapiers (34830), Jacou (34830), Montferrier-sur-Lez (34980), Saint-Clément-de-Rivière (34980), Saint-Gelly-du-Fesc (34980), Combaillaux (34980), Murles (34980), Vailhauquès (34570), Montarnaud (34570), La Boissière (34150), Saint-Paul-et-Valmalle (34570), Gignac (34150), Vendémian (34230), Aumelas (34230).

General Terms and Conditions of Sale established in Pignan on 10 April 2015.




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