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That’s it, after ten yearsexperience in electrical and twenty years’ in IT dYpelec dives on the adventure of business creation.

I always liked the contact with customers and my former bosses often preferred send me to go customers  in order to make estimates and invoices and it’s good to do for myself now that I have enough experience in my loved domains: Electricity and IT.
Giving my skills directly to people empowers me and represents a bet that I know I can keep. I’m living in Pignan and works within 25 kilometers of Montpellier. I chose not to go further because I do not want to impact nature lot even though my carbon footprint is not as a Mountain Bike.

My dual expertise is an asset that allows me to provide double security to my customers. Indeed, electricity and IT are a power and network business, they are complementary. Without electricity no computers and computer manages the flow of electricity. These two areas are the focus of current concerns. These are two important communication channels. They include both risks and have solutions for almost any budget.

I start with pleasure in the world few considered by the French government in particular of Handworker. The first company in France finances our large companies that do not pay taxes because they know and have the opportunity to make tax optimization. The road is complex; my brother works a lot in his Philochape company and managed to earn a living and feed his family. We are optimistics, volunteers and workers, we will manage to live.

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dYpElec - Yaën Dubois Pujol
impasse des garrigues
34570 Pignan
+336 70 26 30 84
SIRET : 39321938100042

dYpElec electricite generale région de Montpellier, dYpElec general electricity Montpellier area

dYpElec guarantees a secure and sustainable electrical installation thanks to the decennial warranty and civil liability n° 0085269/16108. Electricien PIGNAN

Electricien PIGNAN

Electricien PIGNAN